Happy New Year!

Today we want to wish everyone a "Happy New Year!" as we spend this New Year's Eve reflecting on things that we have shared and accomplished this year, 2017 brought us into the convention circuit, vending at seven conventions and even corporate sponsoring one! We met a ton of great people with whom we shared our vision, our goals, and our products.

Our sales doubled this year on our online store, our website got a minor makeover (and still needs some work). We received a bunch of reviews from fellow board and tabletop gamers, without even playing the solicitation or pay game!

What should you expect from Warped Mind Games in 2018?

We will continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. That will always be our first goal. We plan on adding a few more conventions to our calendar this year, and bring targeted product to each show.

What does Warped Mind Games sell online?

Currently, our online store is product heavy towards miniatures gaming, with products like custom measuring widgets and minis bases. In 2018, we intend to develop and offer more board game related product replacements and upgrades.

What will Warped Mind Games do for the tabletop miniature gamers in 2018?

We will add more tabletop specific items, starting with a complete line of MDF 3mm miniature bases (some of which already landed on the Etsy store last night).

What new things will Warped Mind Games do for board gamers?

Customers love our Terraforming Mars-compatible trays, so we will strive to add quality player cards, overlays, dashboards, and trackers for more of the popular board games that require some attention for piece management.

How can I get in touch with Warped Mind Games if I want something you currently don't offer, or want a custom order?

Get in touch with us through:

Thanks for your time, and have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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