AcadeCon 2017 is Almost Here!

AcadeCon 2017 is almost here! 2016 was AcadeCon’s third year and WMG’s very first Con EVER! We’re super excited to be a Corporate Sponsor for this fantastic Con in our hometown, Dayton, Ohio. November 10-12 at the Dayton Convention Center will see a full weekend of amazing gaming, fantastic vendors, and just plain old fun! What will you be playing at AcadeCon? Whatever you love, WMG is here to help bring your gaming experience to a new level:

  • Love RPGs? Why not use some fun tokens to keep track of the awesome, not-so-awesome, or downright terrible things the wonderful/evil GM has cooked up for your character?

  • Love Board Games? Why not replace that flimsy cardboard with some super high-contrast acrylic tokens?

  • Love Minis? Mark objectives, measure distances, and keep track of damage with custom objective markers, measuring widgets and damage tokens

  • Love ANY game where you keep score? Ditch the paper and use brightly-colored, easy to see and easy to use dry erase Tablets of Life!

WMG is a company of gamers for gamers. Let us help you make the games you love even better!

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