Why Tape Measures Stink!

Are you a tabletop minis gamer fanatic? Then you’ve probably spent some bank on tape measures in your lifetime … and experienced the frustrations of using them:

  • Accurate? NOT! Depending on the manufacturer and intended purpose, tape measures can be less than accurate. Ever seen games come nearly to blows over 1/8 inch? We have. It’s not pretty!

That arc over longer distances? Tape Measures are not rigid. The more length you need, the more you run into arcing or bending … potentially sacrificing precious fractions of an inch!

  • Angles matter! In many minis games, line of sight, arcs and angles are key to victory. Tape measures are straight. Always.

  • That heavy weight in your bag? Sure. You could use one of those tiny, novelty tape measures on a key chain … but do you trust it? To get accuracy, you need one of those hefty jobbers. And those things are h-e-a-v-y!

  • Coolness points count! Tape Measures don’t look very gamer-y, now do they? You spent countless hours putting together miniatures, painting, basing, creating terrain … That construction/industrial tape measure just doesn’t look right!

WMG offers you a better solution with standard measuring sticks and widgets as well as custom measuring tools for a variety of awesome tabletop miniature games. Check out our Etsy store if you love historical minis, Wamahordes, Warhammer, X-wing, Guildball or Runewars!

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