Warped Mind Games 101

Have you ever been playing your favorite table top mini game, board game, or card game and reached for the cardboard token or measuring stick that came with it to find it either missing, bent, or chewed up by the dog? Or have you ever been frustrated to try to spot an objective marker, -1/-1 counter, or game piece that just blends in to a crowded game space? Why don't they just make stuff to fix these things? Enter Warped Mind Games.

Founded in 2011 on a table-top laser and dreams of making fellow gamers' lives better, Warped Mind Games began putting custom acrylic and wooden tokens, widgets, and measuring devices out there for the games we love. Since the small laser we have upgraded to a much larger laser and our range of products has grown to include items compatible with Warhammer, Warmahordes, Netrunner, M:TG, all sorts of board games, Star Wars X-wing, Star Wars Destiny, historical minis, and so much more. Husband and wife team Brian and Jill Mead are lifelong gamers who actually play the games they seek to enhance, bringing real-life knowledge of what works - and what doesn't - while making products that leap off the table.

Yes, it's taken 6 years to write our first blog. :) Now that we're writing, you can expect a lot more! Watch for our new blogs each week where we'll let you know about our upcoming Cons and Events, product facts and features, new products, and so much more! Be sure to check out our Etsy store for our full line of products!

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