Our Story

Warped Mind Games LLC was founded by avid board, card, and tabletop gamers that often asked questions like, “Why don’t they have better looking tokens?  Why is everything cardboard? Can’t the manufacturer make a simple item to make it easier for me to do this?”  We heard the echoes from our fellow gamers and Warped Mind Games LLC was born to meet this demand. If the thing we needed didn’t exist, we just made our own in a garage, with an inexpensive laser.  We used our new custom widgets and tokens and people began asking where they could get them, and how much they cost.


Fast forward to today.  We are a small company that designs, tests, and markets custom acrylic tokens and accessories for a wide range of games.  We are working tirelessly to develop product lines to meet the needs our customers, looks great, and doesn’t break your bank!

Our Philosophy

High Quality Products

We believe you should have a product that is durable and looks fantastic on your tabletop.

Affordable Prices

We offer our products that won't break your bank, you have more cards, games, or minatures to buy, and real life to pay for too.

Excellent Customer Service

If for some reason you are dissatisfied, we'll give you your money back or replace the product.  Our goal is to make you, our customer happy!